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What is The Mission Kiss?

The Mission Kiss project is an outdoor art show, a « Heart Walk » that is brought out into the Mission community of San Francisco, California, during this pandemic in a safe, enjoyable way.
Hearts, prepared by artists and local students depicting a diversity of people kissing or being loving, are hung from trees and fences along a pre-determined route. The artists leave their hearts to be offered to the community, which if they choose, can donate back to the artists. Art is made affordable for whomever claims it, and artists have a chance to sell their work and participate in a positive, community building event.

A kiss is a way to show affection!

Businesses around the path of the Heart Walk will be encouraged to collaborate, perhaps by sponsoring an artist, or willing to be open for business during the artwork. It is my hope that business in the area will benefit from the event.

Calling artists to participate in the next event

Want to support this project? All donations will go right back into the event.