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Call for art

The 3rd Mission Kiss event will take place in September, 2022! Are you an artist or student that would like to participate in this project? Please fill out the form below. We will not sell your info or use it for anything other than promoting the event (with your permission). Once we receive your form, you will get an email with instructions and progress of the event preparation.

Before you fill out the form, I want you to understand what this project is about and to adhere to its spirit and expectations!

The Mission Kiss project is a PUBLIC art project. It is a loving gesture towards a community that brings so much to San Francisco. It is a love letter in a way. When you agree to create your beautiful art, you are putting a piece of art out there, as a gift, to the community. You don’t get to choose who takes your heart. You may never see it again, or know what happened to it. It is a lesson in letting go. The reason we ask you to put your info on the back of the heart serves two purposes… someone may want to donate what they can to you! Artists have gotten anywhere from $10 to $125. It happens and that’s great!! but please keep in mind, that’s not the end goal. The other reason is that someone who sees your art or takes it, can contact you or look you up. Artists have had sales and commissions after someone saw their heart.

We are promoting peace, love, positivity, beauty and sharing during a time of division on so many levels. If you agree with this philosophy and want to make a positive impact, then please send us your commitment of participation by filling out the form below! Questions? contact me at